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Since 1982, the law firm of Buntin, Etheredge, Fowler, LLC in Dosan, AL has protected the rights of customers to legal litigation, personal injury and criminal defense. This dynamic general clinic represents individuals and businesses throughout Alabama, including Henry, Houston, Jefferson, and Montgomery counties. Buntin, Etheredge, Fowler, LLC is dedicated to civil litigation involving unauthorized death and personal injury. The representative includes individuals who have been injured by neglect of care facilities, malpractice, product liability, and car accidents. The company's crime-defense operations include state and federal laws such as white-collar, DUI, and sexual crimes. Families and businesses affected by termites are also provided with a termite law by experts and a family law for divorce and protection of children. A separate solution tailored to each client's needs is the foundation of the Buntin, Etheredge, Fowler, and LLC philosophy. They prepare every case with great care for the best possible results. Whether you need a drug trafficker, an extermination attorney, or a business lawyer, the team of legal experts provides sound advice and provides earnest recommendations. In accordance with the long tradition of providing affordable legal services, the company has provided initial free consultation.